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Consulting and Design...

We consult with and design spaces for public projects such as
City Parks, University Campuses, National Parks, Museums, Preserves, Mitigation Banks, Wildlife Management Areas, State and County Highways systems, Commercial Industrial Sites and the like. 
We also enjoy helping folks with their privately owned property. We always take pleasure in creating sustainable, native plantings in the home garden where size is scaled down and the challenges are, too! Wildflower gardens can be postage stamp in size, and yet still attract a lot of wildlife. We can help with private land owners that are considering transitioning their rural land from forestry and agriculture to wildlife habitat sanctuaries.
In under a few hours, we can determine the prospects and potential of your land for switching on the Biodiversity light. We can guide and instruct the homeowner on how to take steps on your own for conservation and preservation.
Fact: less than 10% of natural high quality biodiverse prairie ecosystem still exists today and 90% of that is in private hands. You may be sitting on a botanical gold mine!
EMAIL US to help you create your own wildlife preserve.
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