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Creating and  Managing the Landscape...

Pastorek Habitats provides a variety of land management services that are focused on enhancing biodiversity in the landscape. We work closely with homeowners, environmental scientists, engineers and Landscape Architects as consultants for construction and management strategies that create highly functional and beautiful natural landscapes. Whether its prescribed, controlled burns or removal of exotic invasive species, we're experts at managing the land for ecological integrity and biodiversity. With a long history of managing land in a truly natural and sustainable manner, we're here to help with it all. 
Prescribed Fire Management:

Grassland landscapes benefit greatly from specialized management such as prescribed fires. Fire is the natural management tool historically used by humans to open-up the landscape and invigorate new growth in the herbaceous habitat. Fire also changes the composition of the vegetation through natural succession, encouraging pyrogenic (fire-dependent) species while hampering the growth of those species not adapted to fire. Prescribed fires open up the landscape, enabling large scale management with the least amount of effort, while providing the best opportunity for increasing desirable species diversity and species richness.

Prairie and Pine Herbaceous Understory Vegetation Management:

We provide field services that address invasive species and woody plant encroachment in native grassland habitats. We can assess what the site conditions are and develop a strategy of best-practices to rectify most of your weed problems.  


We are licensed commercial herbicide applicators with 25 years of experience in the subject of weed science. We can provide a technical services process that can help you develop a plan to eradicate invasive species, to remove their biomass and to replant native species via seed. We can mechanically carve out lanes in order to access the interior of large wooded shrub thickets so that herbicides can be applied, prior to biomass removal.

Controlled Burn In Eunice, Louisiana

Controlled Burn In Eunice, Louisiana

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