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Our Prarie Seed Mixes Are One-of-a-Kind...

We provide Source Certified Seed, which is seed collected from wild vegetation. We identify high quality, native herbaceous vegetation sites and arrange with the land owner acceptable methods to collect. These collection sites are located throughout East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and west Alabama.
This locally sourced seed is now available to you!




Since 1997, we have established a ten

acre native gene bank farm in Pearl River

County, a genetic preserve of sorts, where

we used seed hand-collected from prairie 

relicts on railroad-highway rights-of-ways,

privately owned land, and from prairie

restorations, to establish and manage for

native seed production. Some of the sites

that we collected seed from all those years

ago no longer exist. The vegetation there has

been extirpated; removed, for one reason or

another, from the landscape. The seed fields

we have established are preservation-conservation fields, providing rare genetics, available for your planting design needs.


Most of our focus is on collecting seed that is considered to be late-succession species, associated with mature, ancient prairievegetation. These are habitat associations of native herbs and grasses that are fire dependent (pyrogenic species) comparable in age, significance, and value to old growth forests. 


Our Source Certified Seed is not threshed and cleaned, like Pure Live Seed is. It is better than that! We collect seed, and with it comes some pieces of leaf, some pieces of stem, a seed pod or five. Included with this plant debris and the seed itself, comes spores of mycorrhizae fungi that is part of the ancient prairie soils, and beneficial for establishing soil fungi. The spores are transferred via the seed, to your planting site, which is often absent of these fungi. 


In some cases, we are targeting the harvest of one or two species (see our grass listings), but mostly, we focus on species biodiversity and species richness, trying our best to provide a "carbon copy" of the prairie vegetation from which the seed was harvested from so that your project mimics the prairie seed harvest site.


We are focused on the idea of regional local genetics. There's no reason to plant Alabama genes in Texas or visa versa! Plant genetics that are collected from near your project planting area. In some case, rather often, we will find a new site near your project to harvest seed, so you get genetics from your "backyard" to plant (see our old catalog map of collection sites).


For large projects, we can focus on your specific seed requests, providing a seed mix which we feel is far beyond what can be purchased otherwise.


We can likely custom design and collect seed mixes specific to your project needs. Just let us know what you are planning, and we will let you know if we can assist in acquiring the species you’re looking for. Pricing for seed is by the pound in bulk form unless otherwise stated.You can see a list of our Source Certified Species under the Prairie Seed Tab or by clicking here.


To see our Seed Collections With Prices click here.


Feel free to email us to request these lists in pdf form. 

Currently to place an order or inquire about seed mixes, please EMAIL US. 

We can be reached at:




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