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St. Landry Parish Visitor Center

Consultant to the Landscape Architect, Seed Procurement, Meadow Design, Installation and Management
Location: Ville Platte, Louisiana
Team Partners: Ashe, Broussard, Weinzettle, Architect
EnvironMental Design, Architect

Pastorek Habitats, Consulting Meadow Specialist
Jeff Carbo and Associates, Landscape Architect


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Project Description:

The landscape design team defined development strategies to express representations of the dominant native landscape features of Acadian Louisiana, engaging the unique character of local ecologies, including authentic Gulf Coast Prairie and aquatic gallery forests. The gardens accomodate those needs while extending the clean lines of the building architecture into the landscape. A formal linear pedestrian system provides access to the interior of the gardens, where kiosk stations along the way describe the native plants and green technologies used in the design and construction process.

St. Landry Visitor Center
St. Landry Visitor Center
DeSoto National Forest 

Design and Development for Savanna                                      
Restoration/ Herbaceous Seed Production Project
Location: Wiggins, Mississippi,
Team Partners: De Soto National Forest

Tate Thriffley- Ecologist U.S. Forest Service, Andrew Thompson- QM Contract Specialist USDA-Forest Service

Elijah Grey- U.S. Forest Service, Rakeem Bolden- Procurement Technician USDA-Forest Service, 

Marc Pastorek- Design Specialist/Field Superviser/Seed Acquisition- Pastorek Habitats, James McGee- Field Technician- Pastorek Habitats


Project Description:

Pastorek Habitats designed strategies for the production of diverse seed mixes to be collected from exemplary botanical representations existing in the Forest. This seed will then be used to establish large-scale plantings in degraded areas of the Forest, enhancing the diversity of the ground layer, with the added benefit of increasing the expansion of populations of the 29 federally listed and threatened wildlife species of the Long Leaf pine ecosystem, including the Red Cockaded Woodpecker.

New Orleans City Park Scout Island Prairie Project 

Consultants to Landscape Architect

Seed Procurement, Meadow Installation and Site Management

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Team Partners: Mossop and Michaels, Landscape Architect, Meffert and Etheridge Environmental Projects, David Baker Botanical Consulting




New Orleans City Park, a 1300 acre green space in the heart of New Orleans, is home to the worlds largest collection of mature Live Oaks trees; some as old as 600 years. Within the park, the Scout Island-Couturie Forest natural area, contains 62 acres that have traditionally been used as a bird watching and wilderness area. Local and regional bird enthusiasts have long-considered this wild area a hidden gem. After Hurricane Katrina, a master plan was developed to restore the native bottom-land forest and to incorporate a native, open prairie landscape, enhancing biodiversity and more easily managing invasive species that proliferated after the storm. The prairie meadows are designed to be maintained by the use of annual controlled burns: a natural necessary aspect of the Gulf Coastal Grassland landscape. Pastorek Habitats worked closely with the Mossop-Michaels Landscape Architects, providing design strategies and facilitating all plant materials and construction work to begin the process of natural succession on this unique 24 acre meadow site, leaving it open to evolution. Pastorek Habitats has managed the site since its inception, in 2009.

Lafitte Greenway and Revitalization Project

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana (Ongoing)

Pastorek Habitats: Design Consultants/Field Supervisors 


*American Society of Landscape Architects Professional Awards 2013

*Award of Excellence in Analysis and Planning

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