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About our local eco-type native seed...

Pastorek Habitats produces eco-type-specific Native Prairie and Pineland Herbaceous seed mixes for the purpose of reconstructing the natural grassland habitat. This just means that we gather most of our seed from naturally occurring stands of vegetation. We harvest seed from some of the most beautiful and diverse natural stands of vegetation in the central Gulf Coastal region. What we harvest is a replica, in seed, of the habitat you are investing in; the one that best reflects the specific soils and species in your area. We are in the business of selling gardenesque wildlife habitats produced by way of seed. We hope you can find a place in your world to rehabilitate, to restore, to nurture. Mother Nature will appreciate your help.


We collect seed by hand and by machine from natural areas in western Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi so that you can incorporate replicas of these habitats into your project design. Most often, our focus is on species diversity. However, we are now offering a handful individual species of native grass and grass-like species, some in limited quantities. 

We also procure seed from our one-of-a-kind Genetic Seed Bank in rural Mississippi where we grow, collect and bundle this unique supply of natural seed and customize it as needed for projects or for purchase. 


We can likely custom design and collect seed mixes specific to your project needs. Just let us know what you are planning, and we will let you know how we can assist in acquiring the species you’re looking for.

Currently to place an order, please email or call us. We do our best to respond to all email requests within two business days. 

Contact us by

Or by phone: 504 296 8162

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