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About Pastorek Habitats...

   Marc Pastorek and his wife Candi are the founding partners of Pastorek Habitats, a landscape and consulting firm, and the only source for local genetic, restoration-grade native grassland seed in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. 
   Marc developed a strong passion for natural prairie restorations while working as a landscape contractor specializing in native plants. In the early 1990's when learning of the vast destruction of coastal prairies across the central gulf coast region, and that less than one percent of these precious ancient prairies were in existence today, he began to investigate and research these disappearing landscapes. Discovering the crucial need and importance of saving these diminishing plant systems and restoring what had been lost, he knew he'd found his lifes calling. 
   In 2008, Marc met and married his wife-turned business partner, Candi, and together they established Pastorek Habitats LLC out of Covington, La.  The founding of this company brought the change from solely landscaping private residences to expanding their focus entirely to all aspects of coastal prairie establishment and restoration. A realization that sources for local genetic seed were not easily available brought the addition of seed collection and sales to ensure their own restorations would benefit from the best possible local seed source. Doing so would also establish a certified source of local seed to anyone involved or interested in creating or re-establishing this unique type of sustainable landscape.
   The partnership of Marc and Candi naturally reflects their skill sets, with Marc continuing his work as Field Operations Expert and Candi managing consulting and day-to-day 'Business Operations'.




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