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Commercial Spaces

U.S. Foods Corp. Distribution Center, Flora, Mississippi - (Design-Build) 


Scott King, ESI Group USA Hartland, Wisconsin

Trent Rhodes Landscape Architect, Ridgeland, Mississippi

Pastorek Habitats, LLC

Brookshire Farm Diverse Prairie Project 

Artisanal Beef Production Via Diverse Prairie
Location: Meaux, Louisiana




Project Description:

Pastorek Habitats developed a strategy for propagation and installation of nursery and field-grown native prairie grass in a fifty acre field, producing the foundation for a low-input, sustainable forage.

Moss Lake Mitigation Bank Project  

South Fork Mitigation Bank, Cameron Parish Louisiana

Restore, enhance & preserve aquatic resource type and functions

1644 total acres, 301 acres total restoration, provide seed for 117 acres of Wetland Coastal Prairie 



Project Description:

To restore, enhance and preserve aquatic resource types and funcitons. Through the restoration of South Fork Coastal Mitigation Bank, we will provide additional wetland functions and values to the land. We will restore bottomland hardwood, coastal prairie and freshwater intermediate marsh wetlands. The quality of the habitat for native and Nearctic-Neotropical species will be increased as well as the watershed water quality, by retiring existing agricultural land from agronomic and livestock production. 


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